Travel Tips And Tricks – Don’t Repeat These Things When You Travel Solo

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At starting everyone did a lot of mistakes because not everyone born savvy travelers. It’s something that you have experienced from time to time and you learned a lot of new things. From the last one year of traveling the world, I have learned a lot of lessons and I want to share my experience with you all that cover everything. I have learned these things when I travel solo. When you travel alone you cannot plan everything, you skip a lot of things. So here I am sharing some important travel tips and tricks to keep in mind while doing the traveling. It will make your travel easier and you can save your more money. So avoid these things and travel like a pro.

Travel Tips And Tricks

Pack Light & Ditch The Suitcase

Buy a small backpack and put only those things that you really needed. Don’t carry too much apparel with you; it’s just extra weight that you carry on your shoulders. So just pack light and ditch the suitcase because the suitcases are very heavy and you can’t carry a suitcase everywhere. so pack light and enjoy your traveling.

travel packing tips and tricks

Tip: If you are an adventurous person, then always choose a backpack for your traveling. Repeat your clothes again and again on your trip.


Patience is very important when you travel alone or travel with your friends and family. Don’t panic if things get wrong. Just sit back and relax, then find out the solution. Be flexible in every situation and smile like a king.

Travel Hacks

Tip: Planning is very important whenever you think about traveling somewhere. So always book a hotel and your cab and of course take a map with you. Learn some common words and local language which I forget when I visited Kerala.

Documents & Photo Copies

I still remember when I lost my passport and I stuck in the airport. My friends told me to carry the photocopies of my documents but I am a very lazy person so I just take the original copy of my passport. This is the biggest mistake that I have done. Backup is very important.

Travel Tips And Tricks

Tip: Always carry a xerox of your passport just in case if you have lost your passport. It will help you to travel tension free.

Carry Your Medicines & Extra Underwear

If you are going on a beach, it’s very important to carry extra lingerie and swimsuit so that you can enjoy your vacations on a beach. Take some medicines, toothbrush, extra battery for your camera, water bottle, pen and so on.

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Try New Flavors Of Local Food

Try local street cheap food that will save your money. I am a very foodie person when I was in Mumbai I tried a lot of cuisines on local markets and seriously guys the food is really tasty and mouth-watering. I still remember the taste of street food. So don’t miss the street food otherwise you miss out on the culture.

best travel hacks

Avoid Taxis & Start walking

Always avoid taxis because it will burn your pockets. If you are nearby your spot, it’s better to walk and avoid the taxi. I love walking, it will good for your health and also you learned a lot of new things. You feel refreshed and more confident.

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Book Your Tickets Online

If you want to explore new things and want to do activities on your summer vacations then book your tickets online. Many online portals give you exclusive discounts on your hotel bookings and you will also get cashback and more travel points. You can redeem these points on your next traveling.

Travel Tips And Tricks

Tip: Book your tickets only from trusted websites like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Cleartrip, etc.

Flight Bookings & Deals

When it comes to vacations, the most expensive thing is flight bookings. As we all know flight bookings are very costly as compared to trains. So save your money on flight deals from various websites like Paytm Flights, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip. When you sign up on these websites they have special offers for new users and you will save your time and money too.

Online Flight Bookings
Booking Ticket Online Reservation Travel Flight Concept

Tip: Pre-booking is important. It will save your time and money too and you will get all the latest offers on flight bookings and hotel bookings.

Avoid TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is good but when it comes to reviews I will avoid completely because they are fake. Many hotels and firms put some fake reviews and maintain their status. So don’t believe in good reviews. All these travel tips and tricks will definitely help you to save your more and more money.

Travel Hacks 2020

Always Carry Some Cash & Debit Cards

Whenever you travel somewhere it’s better to carry some cash with you. When I was in Chandigarh I could not find an ATM and needed money for the food because I am hungry. So in emergency keep some cash with you.

Travel Tips And Tricks

First Aid Kit

You never know when you need a First Aid Kit because accidents happen and sometimes you are sick. So it is necessary to take some important medicines with you because you can get all those medicines while doing the traveling.

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Save Money & Stay In Hostels

If you don’t want to spend so much money on hotel bookings and if you travel alone then there is no better option to stay in hostels. They are very cheap and you will meet a lot of new people and you experience a new adventure with them.

Travel Tips And Tricks For Solo Traveling

I hope you like all the travel tips and tricks that I have shared with you. So save money and happy journey

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