Travel Before It’s Too Late: A Journey To Explore


Have you ever wondered, what if you were quarantine whole life and follow a daily routine? Quite Unimaginable isn’t it! As a human species, our brain always needs something new, something challenging- a ray of hope in laymen term to live or to survive. Though most of us are stuck in the loop of life, travelling is a diversion we create to exit a routine and make beautiful moments to cherish throughout the journey.

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If we think as an individual, travel plays a very important role in our personal thought development. We tend to think in a diversified manner, our body language gets more confident, our soul becomes more natural, and many more such phenomenal changes occur in person. It is said the man is a social animal i.e. it cannot live without society. Human needs social interaction, so more the travel more the interaction with different cultures and traditions and more the knowledge. And Knowledge brings Evolution with it.


Explore The Journey Now

There is a big hype about travel that travelling only means to explore foreign countries or to do world travel – a dream that everyone has! Shitty movies are responsible. Those big dreams overlap small adventure fun or we forget to explore our local, regional, or national beauties. Travelling is not just to visit famous places overworld, but to explore the places which would bring peace to your soul and at the same time excite you to capture the moment for a lifetime.

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To be very honest, travelling doesn’t need a lot of money or a group or a dependency. It just needs a spark that can challenge your inner you. Get out of your comfort zone, throw out your luxuries and forget who are you – Just step out and beautiful world is waiting for you. If you are alone don’t worry you will find many travel buddies like you who are scared from inside as well excited to explore.

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In India, rail routes connect every corner of the country and fares are super cheap in compare to nature you will witness. This is your life and you should be in command to sail it throughout.


A Tip: Always Travel with less luggage, utilize more local supplies, and never forget to taste local food.  

“Travel opens your heart, broaden your mind and fills your life with stories to tell” – Unknown

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