Top 5 Places In Chandigarh That You Should Never Miss


India is one of the intriguing countries on the earth with its appealing decent variety. It comprises of seven union territories out of which Chandigarh grasps its excellence like stars in full moon night. It is a city you will undoubtedly fall in love with and this is no mystery. This capital city is the first projected capital of India that is remembered for its structure, greenery all around and urban design.

Aside from being one of the clean, green and safe urban areas of India. It is additionally known for its fashion and style statement among youth. The nightlife is really amazing that I ensured you to have a good time there.

Rose Garden

Whether you’re considering a trek with your friends, traveling solo or moving with the family, there are a couple of activities in Chandigarh for every sort of explorer. Just a few hour’s drive from the capital, Chandigarh is one of the nation’s very much kept up urban areas. Offering plenty of things from interesting exhibitions, basic ponders, a clamoring nightlife and a colossal number of brilliant restaurants. I am sure you’re guaranteed to make some great memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Places To Visit In Chandigarh

Few More Things About Chandigarh

So I am living here in Chandigarh and there are so many places I love and recommend to everyone that you should definitely be there once a lifetime. We all are so busy with work and stuff and for our mental health, we should take a break from that hectic schedule. And as I am living here I know some places where I can find peace and a breakthrough in my regular time. Also for those who are thinking about to visit in Chandigarh, there are some places that you should never miss. So here are some of the places in the city we called “The beautiful city.”

Best Places In Chandigarh

The Rock Garden

Rock Garden of Chandigarh is totally worked on monotonous and home waste close Sukhna Lake. It is also known as a brilliant realm of craftsmanship and mirrors. It is captivating to observe the brainchild of a man as a great many statues, a model town of Punjab, enormous swings, streams, and profound canyons all produced using waste material. This is the spot everybody must visit in their life. You can’t be missing the masterful place so visit there. Lt. Nek Chand has built this masterpiece and later known as the garden by his name.

Chandigarh Rock Garden

Open Hand Monument

The open hand monument is basically a symbol of Chandigarh the Tricity. The metal construction was planned or creates to revolve in the wind by the architect Le Corbusier. This is located in the Capitol Complex of the Indian city and the union territory of Chandigarh. This is the sign of optimism and looks like a cross between a flying dove.

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Chandigarh Open Hand Monument

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is the topmost attraction among the tourists. This quiet and serene place settled in the lower regions of the Shivalik mountains. An activity and strolling routine is trailed before dusk and dawn walkers, families enjoy a walk from time to time and picture takers and painters regularly utilize their gifts to catch the beautiful excellence of the setting sun, the lake scene and view, the intensely blurred storm sky, or the early morning fog in winter is must-have in your bucket list. Also, this is the most famous spot for couples too with a lot of fun activities. So do visit there!!

Sukna Lake In Chandigarh

Elante Mall

Elante Mall is on the list of the biggest mall on the north side. You can also say one of the largest mall in Chandigarh, with an area of 1,150,000 sq ft.  It boasts of being the biggest shopping mall in Northern India and the third biggest in India. You can do a lot of activities like play games, thrill, shopping, food, thus a lot more things to do in this mall. You will definitely enjoy every second out there if you are with your friends or even with your family too. There is like every store you are looking for.

Elante Mall In Chandigarh

Japanese Garden

As we all know Chandigarh is famous for its beautiful gardens and greenery all over the city. So the Japanese garden is also one of the famous gardens the Chandigarh City. You will awestruck by seeing the beauty of this garden. This park is assembled absolutely on Japanese design that will leave you jaw drop. The garden contains different types of flowers, wonderful cascades, statues of Buddha, pagoda towers, Meditation Hut, and bamboos in brilliant shading.

There is a part in the garden that giving guests an extraordinary experience likes never before. So you should pay a visit to this beautiful and unique piece of beauty whenever you pay a visit.

Japanese Garden

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