Things To Do In Jaisalmer India, The Golden City

Jaisalmer India

Jaisalmer is one of the most popular cities in Rajasthan that you should visit once in your lifetime. Itis known for its breathtaking sight and historical places that will leave you awestruck. This is known as the Golden city of India. The center part of this beautiful city is its cultural attractions, miniatures and paintings carved out of yellow sandstone that is used for its decoration and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. It is situated in the midst of the Thar desert and is known for its rich legacy and culture. Taking a city touring visit is perhaps the most wanted activity in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer India

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is from November to March.

What’s more, an amazing experience of taking safaris, outdoors, and sports are one of the must-have activities in Jaisalmer that add to the rich experience to your trip. Jaisalmer holds the culture that you should once experience in your lifetime.

Top Things To Do When You Are In Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer Fort:

When in Jaisalmer the first most thing is to visit this Fort. This amazing city holds the still-inhabited fort that is known as the Jaisalmer Fort. And the best part about this fort is it seems to rise out of the desert perfectly and looks amazing like it holds the mirage and turns out to be the golden rays of the sun to be bathed in it. This fort is counted as one of the most beautiful and largest forts in the world.

The main beauty of this place is that the fort initially passes by the name Sonar Quila and is referred to as Golden Fort as it ascends from the desert itself and is summoned as golden hues of the sand. This place is so ancient and was built in 1156. The fort is made according to the original Rajasthan guidelines and highlights a city against a red-and-yellow wall. As of now the condition of this place is not up to the mark and most of the tourists prioritize staying around in Jaisalmer Hotels to enjoy the outer view.

Jaisalmer Fort

Ride a Camel:

A camel ride is a must when you are in Jaisalmer. When you are planning to go on a ride keep that in mind you will experience unforgettable moments. You can also plan to stay in the desert and sleep under the stars and get the real feel of the desert. Initially, the temperature is going to be hot but as soon as the sun gets lower the temperature will tend to be comfortable. Experience the village life by staying in tents out there. Also, enjoy a campfire with tasty traditional food, locals will also sing folk songs for you so that you can have the best experience out there. You can book your camel safari via online platforms and also get an amazing offer.

Camel Ride In Rajasthan

Sand Dunes & Desert National Park

The Desert National Park has consistently been evaluated as being in the best 10 of the should-visit places. The region covers in excess of 3,000 square kilometers of territory of sandhills and badlands. It is a great and the best way for those who have an interest in the natural environment of the desert.

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Sam sand rises, is perhaps the truest desert rise locales in entire India. The best ideal time to arrive at Sam sandhills is dusk at around 4-7 PM and during the dawning of 4 to 6 am. There are numerous tourists who love to go to the evening melodic program to make their evening more colorful. Also, there are many desert camp organizers who offer tents and cottages at the best prices so you can have the best experience out there.

Sunset In Jaisalmer India

Watch The Sunset At VyasChhatri:

There is nothing better than sitting at a quiet place with your partner and enjoy the sunset view. And VyasChhatri is the best place for the perfect view of the sunset. Go here in the early morning and nights, as the dawn and nightfall see from here are the absolute best part in Jaisalmer. You can get a tuk-tuk in the city, or a taxi from your staycation to VyasChhatri. Located inside a design called BadaBagh in Jaisalmer and gives you the ideal birds-eye view of this spot.

Sunset Point Jaisalmer India

Jaisalmer Local Bazaar:

Shopping: Any kind of trip is incomplete without shopping. There are a lot of varieties for you to get choose from. You can find a unique and quirky design for like everything. You can shop accessories, bags, footwear, home décor items, jewelry, clothing, and many more items. Also, shopping in this beautiful city is unquestionably the best experience among all the activities in Jaisalmer for the shopaholics. The main market is like Sadar Bazar, ManakChowk, Pansari Bazaar, and a few more. You can reach out by taking a cab or train easily.

Jaisalmer  India Local Bazaar

Desert Culture Centre & Museum:

Puppet Show: The must-watch thing when you are in Jaisalmer is to watch the puppet show. This shows the culture of the city in the best way possible. This puppet show will leave you awestruck as it has shown the culture of the place. This should be on your bucket list when you are there in the beautiful city.

Desert Culture Centre & Museum

Food & Cuisine:

Your trip to anywhere would be incomplete if you haven’t tried their local food items there. In Jaisalmer must try their spicy dishes or cuisine. Give yourself a break from fast food and give your taste buds a treat with this amazing food. Don’t forget to try their local street food, Kachori, sweets, and the famous Dal BatiChurma. And for desserts don’t forget to try GhotuaLaddoo. Lassi is additionally one of them should have drinks. Local people can be seen getting enjoyment out of these varieties of this cool and reviving beverage

Rajasthani Thali


Jaisalmer houses exceptional bars and clubs where you can party all day evening. Secret bars and Dunes are the best places that you can visit around evening time for appreciating beverages and snacks. Sam Desert Nights are probably the best activity in Jaisalmer around evening time. They sort out social music and dance exhibitions in a desert camp. While outdoors you can also enjoy a warm huge fire, music shows, and people dancing around.

Nightlife Of Jaisalmer India

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