Tips To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus And Stay Safe During Quarantine

Saty Home Stay Safe

As we all know the world is going through a very tough phase. To help fight the world pandemic, the best thing you can do it to yourself is, just stay safe and healthy. So it is very important to keep some things in your mind during this lockdown and quarantine.  Just take care of yourself, it’s like you are doing a favor to yourself and to those peoples who are attached to you be it your family, friends, and lover. So here I am sharing the top best tips and tricks to stay safe and live a healthy life.

Don’t Cross The Line Of Lakshaman Rekha

Home is the best place to stay safe from every virus and infection. So don’t go outside and maintain distance from peoples so that the virus would not spread it around. Stay at your home sweet home and enjoy this time with your family. After all, a family is everything and it proves that they are the only one who protects you from everything.

Healthy Food

Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

Doctors always suggest eating healthy food be it green leafy vegetables or fruits. This will strengthen your immune system and helps you to protect from every deadly virus. It takes time but this will definitely give you forever results.

Stay Safe

Sleeping Is Important

We all know about the fact of sleeping. Less sleeping is always dangerous for health. Its quarantine, not fun days. Staying up the late-night is not good for health so finish your office work as soon as possible and sleep a maximum of 8 hours to get a healthy life and glowing skin.

How To Stay Safe During Quarantine?

Don’t Abandon Your Pets

It’s true your pets cannot infect you, so stop abandoning them and love your pooch unconditionally without worrying anything. WHO (World Health Organization) already reported this that your pets cannot spread the Coronavirus and you are totally safe from them. Your pets can help you and can support your on this tough time by easing your anxiety.

Stay Safe And Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

Say goodbye to the germs and wash your hands at least 8 times a day especially before eating and after eating. Hygiene is necessary so always wash your hands if you cuddle your dog or cat. Washing hands from time to time will remove all the germs from your hands, so it’s less chance to get sick.

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize Your Hands

When you rub the sanitizer on your hands, this will remove all the viruses and bacteria from your hands. WHO informed people to use alcohol-based sanitizers. It does not mean that sanitizers make your immunity strong.

Stay Home Save Lives

Beware Of Fake News

These days’ people are spreading fake news on various social media platforms and many of us are believers in fake news. This will create panic on the public. So it’s better to unfollow them and their so-called fake news.

Say No To Smoking

Say Good-Bye To Smoking

Smokers you have to understand that we all are going through a very crucial time. Why put yourself at a risk, when we all know the world is filled with respiratory diseases. Alcohol and smoking is the most dangerous thing. This will make you weak internally day by day and you will end up with lots of diseases. Think about your family and children’s and say goodbye to smoking and alcohol.

Indian Namaste

Namaste Is The Best

In case of emergency if you are going outside and suddenly you will meet your beloved ones. Just one thing to keep in your mind is don’t shake hands with unknown peoples or the one you know him. Just say Namaste, yeah it may sound old fashioned but now this Indian trend followed by many other countries. Now this “NAMASTE” will be a new trend.

Stop Touching Your Face

Don’t Touch Your Face Again And Again

Simplicity is the best thing that everyone likes a lot. Why put lots of makeup on your face, just to get the admiring yourself. Everyone is pretty and beautiful. So stop touching your face again and again and welcome to the real world and real beauty.

So these are the basic instructions given by the medical professionals and their team. Many of us take this as a joke but seriously guys if you don’t follow these tips and tricks, you will be in trouble in the future. Take this situation seriously and let’s make our India to be proud by following these tips. We all heard about the speech of our Prime Minister i.e Narendra Modi. They give us a message to our nation that stay home and stay safe. This is the only way to protect yourself and others from this worst condition. Stay home and safe lives and respect to our Indian doctors that they are doing everything to take care of the COVID-19 patients.

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