Seven Sisters Of India: 7 Best Places To Visit In Nort East India

North East India

India has always been known for its scenic natural beauty all over the world. So in the midst of this, how one can be able to resist northeast India. Yes, this is one easternmost region in India where a true natural location can be explored.  Also, we will come to know that How these states got an interesting term i.e. Seven Sisters Of India. Let’s have a quick rollercoaster mind-blowing ride to travel North East India. Check out the list of best places to visit in seven sisters:-

Seven Sisters Of India

Why They Are Called Seven Sisters Of India

Travelling will always be fun if one knows the exact locations to travel. Although visiting there with a carefree mind matters. It can be suggested that one should travel to seven sisters of India. Some people called Sikkim brother of seven sisters. Basically, these are North-East states of India including Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura.

Arunachal Pradesh

It is one of the seven sisters of India, a very mesmerizing place to visit here in Tawang city. The city is surrounded by a beautiful Tawang river. Arunachal Pradesh is widely known for its Tibetan culture and tradition. In the month of December January Tawang receives snowfall every year.

Arunachal Pradesh

Best Time To Visit Seven Sisters: November To January


Assam is one of the northeast states of India which is famous for its wildlife and tea plantations. Some of the must-visit destinations in Assam are Kaziranga National park, Guwahati, Manas National park,  Majuli (an island), Deepu (a garden), and many more.


Best Time To Travel: July To September due to delightful and refreshing atmosphere


Meghalaya is a northeastern state of India which is a hill state. It is also known for receiving the highest rainfall in India. Meghalaya is popular for its abundance of natural scenic beauty and biodiversity. From Meghalaya, Shillong is a must-visit place among seven sisters of India. It can be said as a place where peace and relaxation can be achieved.


The best time to visit Meghalaya is from October to June due to its pleasant weather.


North East India can be a worthy beauty to be mesmerized with. Manipur can too help in achieving that goal of experiencing nature closely.  The locations to travel in Manipur can be Loktak lake and Khonghampat Orchidarium. Also, the food here can satisfy your hunger too. The popular dishes of Manipur are it’s yummiest rice and fish dishes adding on with some leafy vegetables.

North East States Of India

Best time to visit Manipur is from October to April

Best Time Plan Now!!!!


Another sister among the seven is Mizoram which is basically located at the Southern tip of East India. It is basically a mountainous range which can be visited during a moderate climate in summer. It Can attract tourists with sides like Aizawl, Serchhip, Lunglei, Champai, and many more.

Northeast India

Best Time To Travel: In Monsoon Season (January to March)


North-East states of India have come up with another hill station that is called Nagaland. It is one of the most loved hilly areas which can be best visited for Kohima, Mokokehung, Dimapur, Mon the list is endless if a long vacation is planned to satisfy one’s soul.

Why they are called seven sisters of India?

Best Time To Travel Nagaland: April-May


Seventh sister Tripura is an attractive destination to visit for orange gardens, rubber nursery, and pineapple gardens. This place is also known for its bamboo plantation, tea plantation, jute cultivation, and paddy fields.

Northeast India

Best Time To Travel Tripura is from October to March as it is full of grand festivals.

Why Are These States Known As Seven Sisters Of India?

After knowing about all these states, a question must keep popping in your mind- Why are these states popular with the term seven sisters of India?

Well, the answer is very simple. Just because these northeastern states are similar in terms of geographical features and their interdependence on each other. This term- Seven Sisters Of India was coined by Jyoti Prasad Saikia in 1972 during the inauguration of the northeast states of India. Explore natural beauty in India today.

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