My Overall Experience In Nainital-“The City Of lakes”

Nainital The City Of Lakes

Everybody needs to get out of their hectic life schedule once in a while. Travel is the best way to unravel your soul and get a breakthrough from the monotony of daily life. So for doing that, I planned a trip to Nainital, the beautiful city of lakes. Or as I can say so, my sister planned this trip because it was her birthday we were going out for.


I live in Chandigarh, so I traveled to Delhi first to meet my sister and from there we started our journey to Nainital. On this trip, I joined us three of my sister’s friends as well. We rented a car and started our journey early morning. By noon, we had reached our destination. The city was beautiful and mesmerizing. We were in awe with the scenic beauty, away from all the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities.


Our first destination was Ramgarh. It is a small hill station and a tourist destination 70 km away from Nainital. We can get an unobstructed view of the snowcapped ranges of the Himalayas from this place. So, We booked a night stay at the Amari resort in Ramgarh and also booked a sky villa which was located a few km away from the main resort.

Ramgarh In Nainital

The view from the villa was amazing. We could see the mountains around us and the clouds overshadowing the mountains. It felt like we were standing in the clouds. We could see them float by through the window.  It was such a beautiful feeling standing in the balcony soaking in the fresh air and the nature around us.

Cave Garden

The natural and pure air filled me up with joy and the beauty of nature soothed my eyes. We celebrated my sister’s birthday and then the next morning we moved to our next destination, which was Nainital. The first spot to visit for us was Cave Garden. This garden has several different caves of decreasing dimensions which you need to pass by crawling and climbing and a mechanical bull ride. Tiger cave, panther cave, bats cave, squirrel cave, flying fox cave and apes cave are some of the names of the caves in the Cave Garden.

Nainital Cave Garden

Naini Lake

After exploring the caves, we went to the lakes. First, we went to the most famous Naini Lake. It is said to be shaped like mango when viewed from a great height. We went boating in that lake. The view was amazing from there. The mountain ranges served as a backdrop for our candid pictures. One would never want to leave the boat. I could sit in that water looking at the view for hours.

Nainital Lake

After some time, we rented some bikes and went to have a tour of some of the lakes. Anyone who loves bike riding would understand what a bliss it is to ride a bike in the mountains. And the view, oh the view!! Words would not be enough to phrase what we could see from our eyes. We could see the roads wrapping around the mountains, and cars and bikes running on those roads like they were some toys.


Next, we went to Bhimtal which is around 22 km from Nainital. In Bhimtal, there is the Bhimtal Lake which has an island at its center. Rowboats are available in this lake also and the side of the road is stacked with street vendors offering Maggie, bread omelet and chai. The weather was changing to be a bit rainy so the clouds were floating just above the lake. The view was breathtaking. After spending some time awestruck at the view and having some snacks, we went to our next spot, NaukuchiaTaal.


Naukuchia Taal

It is a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green mountains at a distance of about 25 km from Nainital. The lake has 9 ends, hence the name NaukuchiaTaal. At this place, tourists can enjoy boating and aqua zorbing. The lake has a lotus pond in front of it and swans swarming across the place. Till we reached NaukuchiaTaal, the rain had taken its toll over the place. It was raining cats and dogs so we had to stay put under a shed until IndraDev could be calm again!! After an hour or so, we headed back to Nainital where we had planned our night stay.


More Places To Explore In Nanital

There are more places to visit in Nainital like Tiffin top, a scenic mountain top and a picnic spot offering horseback rides and views over the Nainital area, Snow View point, featuring panoramic vistas of snowcapped Himalayan peaks, Naini Peak, the highest mountain top in Nainital and many more.

The next day, we had to leave for our way back home but no one wanted to leave such a beautiful place to go to the busy roads of cities. But one thing for sure was that it was a rejuvenating experience for all of us. It gave us a bit of time to know more about different places and cultures and the memories which will stay with us forever.

Some Other Locations In North Side That Surely Deserves A Visit

Nainital City Of Lakes

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