First Ever Travel Experience To City Of Dreams, My personal Close: Mumbai

Mumbai Night View

I know, already I have written so much about this city it’s travel places, getaways, etc. but something is very special about this city i.e. lifetime experience which you can never forget, it can be bad or good but this city never lets you forget her. Rightly said as ‘Mayanagari”.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai

My First Ever Experience Of Travel

Today, I felt like penning down my first ever experience of travel from small-town Amritsar to big city Mumbai. This dates to 2015, around late September when weather in Mumbai is unpredictable sometimes it rains and sometimes it just cool breeze, and most of the time it’s humid. It was not long-planned travel, I was just watching the news and it was raining in Mumbai. Always rain has been my weak point, love to see blooming and evergreen nature, therefore, decided to take a bold move and visit my cousin in Mumbai, she too was after me to travel to Mumbai since last two years but never had that guts to travel alone.

My First Ever Experience Of Travel

But this time, I made my mind and booked a tatkal ticket in 3 -tier of “Paschim Express”. I was scared because it was a long journey of almost 30-32hrs and being alone makes it more difficult, and this is the beauty of travel you break your own mental blocks that sets you free like a bird. You are scared but equally thrilled to experience something new, adventurous and that keeps you going.

Train Travel Mumbai

“Solo Travel not only pushes you out of comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others expectations”

Suzy Strutner

So, I boarded train with very little essential luggage as more luggage means more responsibility on your head and more restrictions and you alone can handle it easily. So personally, I prefer to travel with minimal luggage with me. Luckily, I got a Side lower seat- my favorite it gives you more personal space and a beautiful view of the outside as the train moves. The train started and so my heart starting beating faster this experience was new to me.

I had heard many stories of train travel like more chances of stealing your luggage if you are close to the door, eating outside food is risky, never eat from unknown people, etc. So, the first thing I locked my luggage with my seat and had brought food packed from home. But your heart never lets you settle down, so I almost had tasteless coffee/tea-like every 2-3 hours and junk food that most of the station has. I was literally enjoying my journey.

Travel And Explore Mumbai

I had informed this travel plan to one of my close friend who stays in Delhi. We were mutual friend and never got a chance to meet in person therefore we both were excited to meet. Train has a long stoppage of 20min at New Delhi station. So, it was decided he will meet me during those hours. But thanks to Indian railways, poor guy had to wait for more than hour well these are the memories you cherish for lifetime. Finally, we did meet and it was so sweet of him to bring chocolates and a book for me and I had brought nothing (Bit embarrassed). We had to bid adieu as train honked and it was time to move.

To be continued. . .

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