Home Quarantine Plan – How To Chill Yourself During Work From Home?

Work From Home Relaxation

Before quarantine and lockdown, we always imagined our life to stay at home and relax. Due to this deadly coronavirus, now every IT company gives us work from home. Many of us are happy and some are sad because it is difficult to do work from home. When we started to do work from home, we are yawning, getting bored and wanting to go out and wants a normal life again. But things are not the same as we want, the time is difficult but if we follow the rules properly, the virus is finished. So protect yourself from this virus and stay safe with these tips and tricks. Make a home quarantine plan and chill during this period.

Stay Home Stay Safe

Staying indoor is a little bit difficult but if we take this in a positive way, you are giving your precious time to your family and friends. Yeah, I know everyone is feeling like they are stuck in only one place. But have you think you are spending your quality time with your parents which we always ignored because of our busy lifestyle. When you are at home, the most difficult task for everyone is to work from home. So here I am sharing the top best home quarantine plan, how you can enjoy and relax during your work from home.

Meditation - Home Quarantine Plan


Meditation is the best way to relax yourself and this will bring more focus on your life. Just sit down on the floor and close your eyes for a maximum of 10-15 mins every day and feel the changes in yourself. You can also play meditation music which is available on YouTube. In Starting, it’s difficult to focus on things that we want and maybe you cannot pull off 10-15 minutes on the first day of meditation. So start with just 2 minutes and play relaxing music that you like the most.

Home Quarantine Plan

Take Short Breaks

Your home is the best place where you can run and walk. No matter if you are sitting on your desk, sofa or bed during working, take a short break and go to the terrace for some time or just listen to music. This will give you peace and you feel more energetic regarding to your work.



We all know yoga and exercise is the best way to make your body strong. So make a routine to wake up early and start exercise or yoga whatever you love. Many celebrities make its workout videos like Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu, etc. Learn some moves from your favorite actor or actresses and stay fit, healthy and fine.

Home Quarantine Plan

Listen Music

When words fail, music speaks. So when you are feeling bored and wants some break from your office work, make a list of your favoutrite songs and play them. You can also play them while doing your work. Music always helps people to cheer up and give us happiness.

Healthy Diet Plan

Meals On Time

Now we all are at home, not traveling somewhere or attending meetings, so no more excuses to not to eat food. For a healthy and good life, it is important to eat your meals on time. Those who are on dieting, it’s the right time to make your healthy food and eat. Add some salad and fruits in your daily life and see the changes in yourself. Schedule your meal times and eat on time that you have set. When you eat at the proper time, this will kill the WFH blues.

Home Quarantine Plan

Drink Water

Drinking water approximately 4-5Litres makes your body detoxify and when you drink lemon water in the morning, this will keep you fresh for longer and the best part is you will burn your belly fat also.

Video Calls During Work From Home

Video Calls

The best way to connect with your friends, relatives, colleagues i.e video calling. Whenever you feel bored or tired from work, call your group friends and talk about the things that you all loved the most. Couples who are in a long distance relationship can daily talk on video calling and enjoy the moments of loving and caring each other. This is an amazing way to beat the blues.

Work From Home Activities

Dress To Impress

It’s really sad because of lockdown your all beautiful dresses are stuck in your almirah. Well don’t worry, when you take a shower, wear nice clothes and trick your brain that you are going to the office. You can also do makeup or make TikTok videos and click some good photographs and posts on various social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Work From Home

Change Your Seat & Position

Always change your seat from time to time because when you sit at the same place from 9 to 6, you will feel sick and this will affect on your body posture too.

Work From Home Hobbies

Pick Up Your Old Hobbies

We all have some hobbies be it singing, dancing, photography, writing, drawing, whatever it is that you are good at in your old days. Do that when work from home irritates you and refreshes your mind. This home quarantine plan brings back you in your childhood days.

Social Media - Home Quarantine Plan

Digital Dunia

Another most loving home quarantine plan is to irritate your friends through memes. No one can go outside during this lockdown but you can know whatever is going around the world through your mobile phone. Read the memes watch videos and share it with your friends for a good laugh.



Remember when we all are children’s and play video games with our brothers or sisters? Technology is growing day by day so now all you need is just a smartphone. Go to the google play store and download some free games that you like in your childhood days. Get your gamers gang ready and play with them. You will definitely enjoy this home quarantine plan.

Home Quarantine Plan


Feeling bored? Have no mood to do office work? Well take some break from your work routine life and talk to the friends through calls, voice messages, WhatsApp chats, and messenger conversations. Crack a joke and laugh together, this will always cheer up your mood. Whenever you feel alone or depressed, just talk with them and share your thoughts and feelings. They will definitely give you the best advice and solve your problems.

Cooking At Home

Try Some New Cuisines

This is the best time to learn something new that you have never done before. Yes I am talking about cooking. Those who are chefs, guys it’s time to show your creativity on your cooking and share your cooking dishes or photos on your social networking sites. Those who have never cooked anything before, it’s time to learn cooking from YouTube videos and Google. First try to find some easy recipes and then try them out.

Home Quarantine Plan

Home Cleaning

Many of us don’t like to clean our room and house and had the excuse of work. But now this work from home situation gives you a chance to clean your room and home properly. Organize the things according to your choice and seriously guys you will feel good. This home quarantine plan gives you peace and happiness.

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