Delicious Food In Amritsar That Makes Your Visit More Memorable

Food In Amritsar

Amritsar is one of the most beautiful places In Punjab. It is popular for its food & culture. Foodholics get ready to know about delicious dishes Of Amritsar city. Everyone gets mad over its mouth-watering taste. Amritsar is the ultimate food hub for the food lovers as it offers countless delicious dishes that one can try. One loves to visit Amritsar again and again for mainly two reasons first are for its impactful tourist places and the second major reason is Food in Amritsar.

Food In Amritsar

Must-Try Food In Amritsar That One Can’t Say “NO” To-

Amritsari Kulcha – Kulcha Land

Whenever we talk about Amritsar Food – How can we neglect Amritsari Kulcha?

Amritsari  Kulcha is the prominent food in Amritsar. It is eaten by its citizens on a regular basis. People suggest tourists eat Amritsari Kulcha first. Bite of traditional Amritsari flavors in the form of Kulcha will satisfy their taste bud. But what it actually is?

Kulcha- Food In Amritsar

It is baked bread made of maida and cooked in tandoors. This hot and crispy bread is stuffed with delicious and spicy filling and served hot with Chana Masala. To enhance its flavors chopped onions dipped in the sour sauce are served along with it. The butter dropped upon Kulcha just make it look more mouthwatering. A glass of Lassi over Amritsari.

Other Suggestions- Sanjha Chula, Brothers Kulcha Hub, Darshan Lal Kulche Vala

Sarso Da Saag Te Makki Di Roti- Sadda Pind

Traditional Food in Amritsar with authentic flavors. Your visit to Amritsar is incomplete without tasting Sarso Da Saag te Makki Di Roti in the Amritsari style. It is loved to be eaten in the winter season only. The creaminess of saag with buttery cornbread makes a bang on combination together.

Makki Di Roti Te Sarso Da Saag

Lassi – Ahuja Lassi

Thick churned yogurt added with some sugar and a fine layer of cream over it works as a complete meal in itself. This is a very tasty beverage of Amritsar. It takes over Kulcha or alone. Filled up creamy flavors and heaviness of the stuff is enough to satisfy your hunger. They serve lassi in long steel glass to give a traditional Amritsari touch.

Lassi- Food In Amritsar

Langar Prasad- Golden Temple

Langar Prasad Or Guru ka langar at Golden Temple, one of the most visited tourist places in Amritsar. Golden Temple has one the largest kitchen in the world and serves near about lakh of devotees daily in form of Guru ka langar. The langar is extremely tasty. People believe that it is filled up with Guru Ji’s blessings. It simple and authentic Amritsari food. Along with this don’t forget to taste the Kadaa Prasad i.e made of pure desi ghee and is the Prasad of the Golden Temple. You will definitely fall in love with its mouth-watering taste.

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Langar At Golden Temple

Lachcha Parantha – Kesar Ka Dhaba

The iconic restaurant in Amritsar city i.e Kesar Ka Dhaba famous for its numerous dishes. The journey is incomplete without giving a visit to Kesar Ka Dhaba. It serves finger-licking flavors in form of its crispy naans and dishes filled lots of Desi Ghee. The flavors are to get mad upon and their price list is very genuine and you will feel no burden over your pocket for this royal feast. Thousands of tourists or local citizens visit Kesar Ka Dhaba daily to satisfy their cravings for delicious food.

Other Suggestions- Brother’s Restaurant, Bhrawan Da Dhaba

Kesar Ka Dhaba

Fish- Makhan Fish Corner

Amritsar has something for non- veg food lovers as well.  Makhan fish corner is toiling very hard to provide all the fish lovers to serve incomparable non- veg food in Amritsar. The fish is marinated with exotic Amritsari food flavors. The fish is deep-fried in hot oil till it looks golden brown and crispy. It is very flavorsome and melting in taste. It justifies its name Makhan (Butter) Fish Corner.

Other Suggestions- Pehlwan Amritsari Fish Shop, Amar Fish, Bubby Fish & Chicken Corner

Fish- Food In Amritsar

Tandoori Chicken- Beera Chicken House

Wanna Taste juicy and tender Chicken in Amritsar??

Must-visit Beera Chicken House. They are roasting the most delicious chicken. They are working for the last 40 years. It has created its own food paradise in Amritsar city in terms of Chicken. The whole chicken marinated with a bundle of spices and flavors. They roast the chicken and served hot. Foodies enjoy it a lot while eating this finger-licking chicken.

Other Suggestions- Bubby Fish & Chicken Corner, Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner

Chicken-Food In Amritsar

Jalebi & Gulab Jamun- Sharma Sweet Shop

Every feast is incomplete without dessert. It’s more incomplete if you are in Amritsar city. It is popular for its desserts. The super sweet and crispy jalebi dipped in sugary syrup wakes up the child within you. The hot & Freshly prepared jalebi can beat all other desserts that you have eaten yet. Along with jalebi, you can add a combo of sweet littles balls made of khoya and paneer i.e Gulab Jamun. Both these desserts will explode a flavourful bomb on your taste buds.

Gulab Jamun

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