My First Solo Trip To Bali From India At Legian Beach Hotel

First Solo Trip To Bali

When I am a teenager it was my dream to visit one day in Karabi Island with my better half. So that I can dance with him like Hrithik Roshan dance with Amisha Patel in the movie song of “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai”. I never thought that my dream will become true so fast. Last year, my parents gifted me a ticket of Bali for my summer vacation. Omg, I feel like I am in heaven when the tickets in my hands. This is the best surprise gift and my first Solo Trip To Bali that my parents gifted me on my 24th birthday. My happiness is at peak and I dance like a little baby. I can’t describe the feelings that are running on my head and heart.

First Solo Trip To Bali

The moment my parents surprised me in front of my friends, it’s priceless. They booked a beach bungalow at Legian Beach Hotel. Everyone knows my love for islands, beaches, and nature is unconditional. I was very excited about my first solo trip to Bali.


When I reached Bali airport, I had a cab waiting for me. Mostly when people visited Bali, they have to wait at the airport for a cab, so that they can reach their hotel on time. Sometimes you have to take a map also with you to find your hotel. And guess what I don’t have to wait for a cab because my parents booked everything for me for a perfect trip. It did not take me more than half an hour to reach the hotel and I did not have to go through the long process of checking in either, it was an amazing experience.

Legian Beach Hotel

Luxury Stay At Legian Beach Hotel

So finally I reached the bungalow. It looks ravishing and the room was gorgeous and very cleaned too. The walls of the room color are light green and the whole room is designed with a modern interior. When I opened the room curtains, I was surprised, there was a pool on one side and the other side is beautiful gardens with lovely flowers and lots of greenery. This gives me peace and happiness and I feel positivity on myself. The day was very tired, because of traveling. I am not going to leave all this for any site seeing or exploring the island activities because the view is ultimate and speechless. So I decided to lay back and enjoy this luxurious stay in my room.

First Solo Trip To Bali At Legian Hotel

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This time I just want to relax in the swimming pool, so I decided to wear my swimsuit and directly jump into the pool. After swimming, I feel like there are elephants and mouse is running in my tummy for food. There are many brochures on my table, so I took the food menu and then I saw there a lot of varieties of restaurants from all over the world that Legian had. I was very confused about what to order to feed my tummy. There are a lot of cuisines that I could not even pronounce, so I ordered the pizza with coke and spend my day laying around and walking through the gardens.

Legian Hotel Restaurants

DAY 2 (Trekking And Spa)

When I wake up the next morning, I ordered tea with a sandwich for my breakfast. The sandwich is very tasty and the flavor of the tea is outstanding. I started my day to go mount Batur for trekking. This is my first solo trip to Bali and the trekking in Bali is amazing. When I came to the hotel in sweaty and tired condition, I just want to sleep and relax. But the hotel has surprised me and gives me a spa voucher while giving me the keys to my room. This is another birthday surprised that I have spent in the Usadha spa. Amazing experience ever, the spa just relaxed me and I feel peace in the spa room. The soothing music gives me peace and I spent two hours at the spa room. This is the best spa I have ever experience in my whole life.

Usadha Spa Room

Then I get back to the room and ready to go bale Banjar restaurant, just wants to try Indonesian food which is very popular in Bali. The restaurant plays some local music and the Indonesian food taste is outstanding. As this was my first solo travel in Bali, I can say only one thing to everyone that Explore Bali once in your life and experience the solo things.

DAY 3 (Shopping & Local Food)

So this is the last day in Bali, I went for a little local sightseeing such as Agung Rai Museum Of Art, Ubud Monkey Forest, Tanah Lot Temple which had an amazing water view. I tried some local food in Bali which is very delicious and finger-licking. Then I go shopping from the local market in Bali and I love to do street shopping because it’s very cheap. I spend my evening at the in-house club at Legian Beach Hotel. The DJ plays very good music and songs and then I ordered some Asian food that is mouth-watering. My flight was scheduled at 1 AM, so I get back to my room and start packing.

Tanah Lot

So this is my first solo trip and it was outstanding. I will never forget this solo trip in my whole life. So guys whenever you plan to visit in Bali, do visit this luxury hotel. Trust me; you will definitely fall in love with this villa. In the end, I just want to say one thing, Bali, one of the most favorite travel destinations for everyone which is popular for so many things. This place has everything for everyone. I am very lucky that my parents choose Bali for my first solo trip.

First Solo Trip To Bali From India

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