Top 10 Photos Of Empty Cities Worldwide Due To Coronavirus Lockdown Effect 2020

Empty Cities

The world is going through a very tough phase and the entire nation is lockdown because of pandemic COVID-19. To help fight the world pandemic, the best thing we can do to stay at home and make the social distance to safe from this deadly virus. Clean rivers, fresh air, pollution-free environment, and no more noise pollution make our earth free from global warming. It is normal to get bored at such stressful days when all you have to do is just eat, sleep, and work from home. It’s like you are stuck in one place and cannot go outside to walk on empty cities. Well, there are a million peoples across the world who is feeling the same thing. You might be wondering what the outside world looks like right now? So here I am sharing photos of empty cities during the lockdown.

Coronavirus Effects

The effect of coronavirus not only seen in humans, but it is also affecting animals and pets. But if we take this in a positive way, the lockdown saves our earth and also gives temporary relief to nature and the wildlife that plays are great role in our ecosystem. Where the world is lockdown and humans are stuck at home, while the animals are walking on the empty cities. Here is a glimpse of photos that I have collected from my friends and travel bloggers. To know more coronavirus effects of lockdown on humans and animal’s life, read this full blog.

Empty Cities

Delhi, India

This photo is from Motilal Nehru Marg where Peahens walks on the road. The photo is captured by Arvind Yadav on 19th April.

Tips To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus And Stay Safe During Quarantine

Empty Cities

Mumbai, India

Where everyone has followed government orders and stays at home, stray dogs wait for human beings to feed them. So it’s my humble request to everyone, guys please feed one-time food for animals.

Empty Cities


Italy where the coronavirus cases are highest and the lockdown starts from March 9. After 50 days people finally go to the outside to buy the necessary items.

New York City

New York is one of the most popular and tourist attractions in the world. Every year at least 50 million people visited this beautiful destination. But now this tourist attraction is part of the list of empty cities because of COVID-19.


The cases of COVID-19 are very less in Boston, still, the state’s governor ordered to stay at home for its residents. People can only go outside for necessary items.

Los Angeles

Los Angels – where the population of the residents approximately 4 million. The governor Gavin Newsom ordered for lockdown since 19 March. People can only travel just for essentials needs.


One of the most beautiful places where the lockdown starts on March 23. The prime minister of Canada allows people to go outside but only one or two. The Canadians follow the rule properly and make social distancing.


Streets were empty and stores are closed because the rise of coronavirus cases in Spain is huge. At least 2700 people died due to COVID-19.


The president of France Emmanuel Macron put a nationwide lockdown on March 17 and the lockdown continues for six weeks. The empty cities during lockdown look like there are no humans on the road.


India is one of the only countries where 1.3 billion people live. India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, ordered a complete lockdown for 21 days. This footage of Mumbai, a city that never sleeps with a population of almost 18.5 million people during the temporarily enacted “Janta Curfew” which calls for people to stay out of public spaces from 7 AM to 9 PM. The lockdown is still continued in India and Indian police taking care of the peoples to not go outside.


China where the virus starts from, now recovering very well as compared to other countries from this deadly virus. Where the other countries are still fighting from COVID-19. A lot of people died from all over the world including china also. So here is the footage of Wuhan where people are scared and fighting with the COVID-19. So this is the video of how empty cities look like during this lockdown.

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